miércoles, 22 de abril de 2020


Acurrrately-amb exactitud             Powerful- poderós

Aloud-amb veu alta                        Recall- recordar

Anxiety-ansietat                              Recognise- reconèixer

Appearance-aspecte                     Remind- recordar

Bang-cop                                         Rotten- podrit

Beat-ritme                                         Rough- aspre

Bitter-amarg                                     Scent- aroma

Boost-estimular                               Scratch- esgarrapar

By heart- de memòria                     Shape- forma

Colorful- colorit                                Shiny- brillant

Common- comú                              Smooth- llis

Conscious-consient                       Soft-suau

Cope with- fer front a                     Stare- mira fixament

Daydream- somiejar                      Stink- fer pudor

Disorder- transtorn                         Struggle- tenir dificultats

Face- enfrontar-se                          Suffer- aguantar

Fear- por                                          Sweat- suar

Flavour- sabor                                 Terrifying- terrorífic

Fet over- superar                            Tickle- fer pessigolles

Gorgeous- preciós/a                      Trapped- atrapar

Hegihts- altures                               Treatment- tractament

Helpless- incapaç                           Upset- decepcionat

Inability- incapacitat                        Weird- estrany

Likely- probable                              Whisper- parlar amb to baix

Lloss- pèrdua                                  Positive- positiu

Make an effort- fer un esforç         Yell- cridar 

Patterm- patró                                 Pound- bategar

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2020

Film review



1. What is the title of the film? Space Jam
2. Who is the director? Joe Pytka
3. Who is the screenwriter?  Are Leo Benvenuti,Steve Rudnick, Timothy Harris and Herschel Weingrod .

4. Where does the action take place? At Chicago and Looney Tones village.
5. When does the action take place? Present when the film was recorded.
6. Which genre is the film? Comedy, animated and science fiction.

7. Who are the main characters? Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

8. Describe two characters in the film

Michael Jordan: Michael Jordan is a tall black man with big brown eyes and small ears. Also he's got a big nouse and a pretty smile and a moustache. He's very atletic and strong with an exceptional physical habilites. He's an ambicious player of beisbol even thought he isn't good, and it's retired  of basketball temporalyMichael Jordan was born in New York, and at the film, it's 33. It's  considered the best player of basketball of all time, winning 6 NBA rings.

Bugs Bunny: Bugs Bunny is a thin bunny with big palatals. His fur is white and grey and as opossed as other bunnies he walks with his pawns. He loves eating carrots and he has fall in love with Lola Bunny. He tries always his bests and helps their teamates.

Write 4 words from the film and...

9. Write a definition in English
SOAR: To fly high.
POPS: Dad, daddy.
COLLEGE: University.
JAM: A difficult situation.

10. Translate them into Catalansoar: remontar el vol, remontar-se, volar
Pops: Pare.
College: Universitat.
Jam: Situació difícil, compromís.
11. Write one sentence with each word
Prices have soared recently.
I can't do that, pops.
When I grow up I will go to college.
I’m in a bit of a jam, I haven’t got enough money to pay the meal.