domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

                              FILM REVIEW.


1What is the title of the film? The force awakens.

2. Who is the director?   Jeffrey Jacob Abrams.

3. Who is screewriter? George Lucas.


4. Where does the action take place? In diferent galaxys.

5. When does the action take place? (past, present, future)Future.

6. Which genre is the film? (horror, comedy, animated, drama, adventure, science fiction) S
cience fiction.


7. Who are the main characters? Are Rei, Finn, Han Solo, princess Leia, and Kylo Ren

8. Decribe two characters in the film. (physical description, pshychological description, age, nationality social/personal background)

Kylo Ren: Is the main antagonist, he's the King. He's got a black mask, and he wears a black suit. He always has got a laser sword.

Princess Leia: She's one of the Rebel Alliance's, he's Han Solo's wife. He wears a white suite and his hair is white.


Write 4 words from the film and...

Repair, travel, fight, look for

9. Write a definition in English

Repair: to restore to good condition after damage or decay.

Travel:Go drom one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship.

Look for: Search a object, person or another tink

Fight: Battle or combat.

10. Translate them into Catalan

Reparar: restaurar a bones condicion in objecte fet malbé.

Travel: anar d'un lloc a un altre mitjançant un cotxe, tren, avió o baixell.

Look for: Buscar un objecte, persona o una altra cosa.

Lluitar: Batalla o combat. 

11. Write one sentence with each word

Repair: Chewbacca repairs the ship when it's broken.

Travel: Rei, Finn and Han Solo travel with the Millenniom Falcon.

Look for: Princess Leia looks for his brother: Luke Skywallker.

Fight: Rei fights versus Kylo Ren.

Resultat d'imatges de the force awakens