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1. What is the title of the serie?

Prison Break

2. Who is the director?

 Paul Scheuring

3. Who is the screewriter?
Paul Scheuring


4. Where does the action take place?In a Prision of Illinois(U.S.A)

5. When does the action take place? (past, present, future)Present

6. Which genre is the film? (horror, comedy, animated, drama, adventure, science fiction)Thriller


7. Who are the main characters?

Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows

8. Decribe two characters in the film. (physical description, pshychological description, age, nationality social/personal background)

Michael Scofield:Is tall has got short black hair. He is inteligent, kind and artful.It isn't young and old. Is from America(U.S.A). In the prison is sociable, because he nows how to escape to the prison.

Lincoln burrows: He is bald and strong, also he is tall. He is agresive and he takes care of the persons that he loves. It's older than Michael. He is american. He is not sociable.


Write 4 words from the serie and...

break  screwdriver snowfleck key

9. Write a definition in English

break:to escape from
screwdriver:a hand tool for tightening or loosening a screw.
Snowflacke:one of the small crystals, flakes, or masses in which snow falls.
key:a small metal instrument specially to open a lock.

10. Translate them into Catalan

break: escapar de.
screwdriver: einaq de mà per estrenyer o alfuixar un cargol.
Snowflacke:un dels petits cristalls, flocs o masses en què cau la neu.
key:instrument petit de metall especial per opre un pany.

11. Write one sentence with each word.

Break: I break the prison.Screwdriver:I use the screwdriver to fix the door.Snowflacke: Normally, when it's snowing I saw snowflackes.Key. I lose my keys today, when I was running!

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