jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018


In our review we are going to compare three different cities. They are all very beatiful and touristed.

In our opinion Barcelona is the most beatigul because it's the cleavent and the architecture is ancient. However it isn't the most visited. Personalqyq it is one of the best cities.

In our opinion New York is the most interesting because it has got a lot of different places. However there's a lot of pollution. Personaly is one of the most cool cities.

Los Angeles is the biggest city, because the streets are wide. For this reason, you need a car. I think that Los Angles is the best option.

In our conclusion New York is the is the best. I'm giving 5 starts.
Also Barcelona is good, but not how New York. I'm giving 4 starts.

jueves, 8 de marzo de 2018

The Speckled Band

1.Chapter: The Frightened lady

Helen Stoner visits Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson because she is frightened. Her sister Julia's death was very strange. She's scared about her own life. She thinghs she will die too.

2.Chapter: A Mysterious death

Helen Stoner says to Holmes, that when Julia died, was engaged. One night before her dead, Helen hears a strange noise. Suddenly at 3:00, Julia died.

3.Chapter: Helen's fears

Helen Stoner says to Holmes, about the crime scene. The windows were locked. His stepfather was violent and now he obligate him to uses Julia's room.. Holmes is going to see the house.

4.Chapter: An angry visitor 

Dr. Roylott visit Holmes. He is very angry because he saw Helen in Holme's house. Holmes and Watson go to stoke Maron to meet Helen.

5.Chapter: A strange room

They investigate Julia's bedroom and they see strange things; a bed that can't be moved, a ventilator that doesn't ventilate and a bell that doesn't ring!

6.Chapter: More strange clues

They go to Roylott's room and they found a saucer of milk, a safe, and a strange stick. Also they see footprints on a chair. Holmes thinks that the life of Helen is in danger.

7.Chapter: The signal

Holmes is going to stay in a inm qwaiting for Helen's signal. Helen is in danger and Holmes needs a prof. They see Helen's signal.

8.Chapter: The beast in the garden

Holmes and Watson are going to spend the night in Julia's room. When they are going to enter they see s baboon.

9.Chapter: Danger in the dark

Holmes and Watson enter to Julia's room They wait for more than three hours. Suddenly they see a strange thing going back to Roylott's room. They hear a scream.

10.Chapter: The case is closed

Holmes, Watson and Helen are going too enter at Julia's room. When they enter to Roylott's room they see Roylott with a snake around his head. He was dead. Holmes knows that he wanted to kill Helen because she is going to have a half of  the money.

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